Digital Learning infrastructure & solutions deployments

At Tim Hitech, we provide a complete e-classroom solution that encompasses:

  • learners tablets
  • teacher laptops
  • charging cabinets
  • interactive touchscreens
  • content access points
  • Interactive digital learning contents all aligned to the curriculum
  • Classroom management software

We understand the technology needs of schools and so all our devices are considerate of those

E-Learning content creation and software development


Our Approach

Our process starts with curriculum requirement analysis, specification, design, architecture, implementation, testing and integration of the system with our robust learning management system and other systems. We have experienced an experienced team of professional in all areas including education, software development, graphic design and animations, project managers and others to handle all sorts of issues on content development. We follow very stable and latest methodologies and technologies both in digital learning content creation and software life cycle development.

Our approach is as shown below:

Tim Hitech Limited creates and provides cutting edge interactive digital learning content and custom learning and content management applications through highly skilled developers to cater its clients with robust, scalable, innovative and cost-effective digital learning solutions. Our experience is the fine blend of graphic design, curriculum development, software and technical expertise that helps us in providing the best digital learning solutions to our clients that are not only high on functionality, but are also low on cost.

Technical support and trainings

Teacher training is critical component of integrating ICT in education and at Tim Hitech limited we focus on teacher skill development so as to enable them integrate ICT in teaching seamlessly. Some of the critical areas of focus are as shown below:


We have a proven track record in delivering technical and maintenance support to all our  customers. We do not only fix the problems, we identify root causes of the problems, fix them and recommend appropriate remedial actions aimed at empowering users to self service and improving their satisfaction. Tim Hitech technical and maintenance support includes software upgrades, hardware maintenance and repair, network checks and configurations and knowledge/skill transfer